Following is a list of just a few of the manufacturing processes that The Walton Company provides to our customer base. Through our more than 25 years of experience, we are adept at providing sourcing assistance for virtually all component manufacturing processes including castings, forgings, MIM, injection molding and the specific processes referenced below.


We are a premier manufacturer of precision metal stampings and sheet metal fabrications. For almost 40 years we have exceeded customer expectations in the manufacturing of stampings, weldments, mechanical assemblies, and wire forms. We work with a variety of OEM customers both domestically and internationally and have two locations strategically located to serve the domestic manufacturing centers. Our highly trained, experienced staff is ready to assist you on your next project. Please contact us for a quick, competitive quotation.


We can handle all of your casting requirements, from simple to complex parts, medium or high volumes, as well as those jobs that you’ve been told “can’t be done.” In terms of quality, no one comes close. And, with manufacturing throughputs of less than one week, no one can touch our lead times. If you need any more reasons to choose an Investment Casting Supplier, contact us to find out more.


Cold Headers capable of producing 10,000,000 parts per day. Generally, fasteners range in size from .030 inch, up to 1-inch in diameter and 10 inches in length; but are not limited by these ranges. Also employed are large, four-die, transfer headers for your engineered parts.

Flat and rotary threading is available including SES assemblies and roll grooving. Thread rolling expertise can help reduce your costs in a number of ways including:

  • • Roll-grooving a part instead of adding a costly shaving operation
  • • Combining a fastener and washer into a SEMS assembly, dramaticaly increasing your production line efficiency.


The Walton Company and its partners are adept at machining a variety of products including bar stock, castings, powdered metal components, MIM, and many others.

We have produced components in volumes ranging from one to several million. And size range from as small as a multi tool screwdriver bit to a 150 pound valve body.

We have supplied components and assemblies to a variety of industries including: appliance, lawn & garden, defense, aerospace, off road, energy, automotive, hand and power tool, medical and electronics.

Machining Capabilities:

  • • CNC Milling & Turning
    • Screw Machine (Acme Gridley, Davenport, Brown & Sharpe)
    • Hydromat


We are setting the standards in the spring manufacturing industry. Computerized equipment and cutting edge design techniques enable us to produce high quality components at optimal speed with zero defect quality. From concept design to prototype to the production floor, we are your spring partner at every stage.

Custom Spring Products Include:

  • • Compression Springs
  • • Precision Springs
  • • Extension/Tension Springs
  • • Torsion Springs
  • • Four Slide & Clamps
  • • Secondaries include: Shot Peening, Vibratory Tumbling, Grinding, Corrosion Resistant Applications, Heat Treat and In Line Ovens for Stress Relieving